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The Sarcasticorialist.

On the streets of Paris.



On the road.

First ever update from iPhone. Against my conscience.

Digital / Analogue

Have literally only taken analogue photo’s on the tour.
But hopefully have some mad shit coming!

Thats a lovely accent you have there, New Jersey?
Austria? Well, then. G’day mate!



The fun of De Bahn.

Heart and Sole.

Ruhrgebeit is whats on.

I’m a rebel Dottie. A loner.

Someone was gettin up for the German murphy’s to reap.

And miss pizza forever.


Or some shit.


Friday for 6 weeks in Europe.
3 new cameras, including video and a bunch of cheap film thanks to a friend!

Up Bush.

We got away for a few days in early 2011.
Fished for hours. Saw imaginary snakes. Embraced waterfalls.
Woke up to some new friends trying to steal breakfast.