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Glory days.

On the eve of announcing the band’s indefinite hiatus friend Matt Kovac’s emailed me these photos he discovered when developing and scanning old rolls of film.
Cool to see classic proof of us really having a rad time on tour.
These photos are from the May 2009 on the road with Have Heart which actually ended on a wild high/low in the streets of Sydney…
Shouts to Yusuke, K-Mac, Barbs and Kovacs for rolling with us.



Summer in digital.

Some more shots from this Summer on the digi.
Highlights include Yoshie visiting from Tokyo for the weekend.
24 candles on the cake and pancakes on Valentines Day.
Thoughtful gifts.
Beautiful Mornington.
Mail from Japan from my boy Kengo.
And the Melbourne Zoo.

Summer in 120.

It’s easy to not care about the bullshit in real life when I’m practically on eternal vacation with friends.
Trivial shit like the future, romance, rent, debt, the law and obesity can wait.
Im just chillin!

Our Circle Is Vicious.

Rise And Fall
Australian Tour – Byron Bay
FujiColor Reala 120 Colour – Expired
Summer 2009

Jared Carman Interview.

This is the first of a series of interview’s I’m going to keep up on the blog. Hopefully it will be an insight
into the lives of some of the cooler people I’ve met from traveling with my own band.
Hit me with any suggestions / ideas / criticism…. It’s equally as much for me and you, whoever reads this.

Jared is one of the funniest, wildest, talented and most genuine dudes I’ve ever met. One of the people I sincerely miss on a regular basis that always keeps in touch and gives a shit about where his friends are at, a true hardcore kid growing up into a cool ass gentleman.

Yo your Jared, What else do we need to know about you?
im jared. im 24 and im from richmond virginia. just trying to be me.

You are out in Australia right now with Trapped Under Ice. What’s the vibe in the band? Who is stoked to be here?

everyone is super pumped on being here. australia is a place that you work super hard to get to. you have to go all in pretty much to make it happen sometimes. weve wanted to come for a while so its special. the first night we were here brad and i went on a drive and almost hit a kangaroo and then saw some koalas chilling. no one believes us though. where i live its probably snowing right now so im just focused on trying to burn my skin up before i get back on that plane.

For you personally its your second time out here. What are you looking forward to the most?
my number one is seeing all my friends i dont ever get to see. playing is a close second. aus is far man and you dont always get a chane to hit it so everyone at these shows goes hard. playing anywhere in australia has always been a pleasure. other than that im looking forward to grilling in byron bay and hitting the beach everyone second i can.

Since we last met in Japan you’ve played bass in Down To Nothing, Trash Talk and now Trapped Under Ice. What’s the history, how did you end up with TUI?
down to nothing is my band. ive been doing that since i was 19. i grew up in a lot of ways in that band with some of my best friends. i learned a lot. we went as hard as we could for a couple years and did exactly what we wanted to do. just hung out with people and made each other laugh. believe me, no one was pleased but us. we still want to be a band but just not living in a van all year. we still play when we can and were going to record some stuff sometime soon. the trash talk thing was just filling in. one of my best friends was their drummer for a while and asked me if i wanted to go to europe with them for a couple weeks. i couldnt say no. trapped under ice is my band right now though. i loved it since i first heard the demo and dtn brought them down for their first richmond shows. we just became friends. it made sense. ive been in the band for a little over a year now.

Since Down To Nothing slowed down for you guys and vocalist David started playing bass for Terror has he ripped any of your moves?
he has. i get reports from around the globe of him ripping. i gave him full permission to take what he wants. hes got the best stage presence ever if you ask me. i should be jocking his moves. i do actually.

Secrets Of The World is so sick! How involved were you in the writing process?
jusice and sam do most of the main riffing but all the rehearsing for the record was pretty hands on. we all changed some stuff going into those practices and a lot of stuff got taken apart. we all were taking things apart and putting them back together. my favorite songs on that record were the ones we wrote in the last ten minutes of a seven hour practice before we went up to record.

What gear are you running with right now? What did you play in the studio?
i recorded with the stuff i play live. ampeg svt classic head through an svt 8×10. american made fender precision bass and tech 21 sans amp pedal.

What secrets have you discovered about the world in your interactions with it?
take advice with a grain of salt. you cant compare your own life or situations to anyone elses but your own. the only way to truly learn anything, that you can trust anyway, is on your own. that and always trust your gut. even when its telling you shit that you dont want to hear. its always right. the world sucks so bad.

Touring is your life, and through it you’ve travelled extensively. Obviously one of the best things about being in a band. What are your favourite destinations?
seoul, south korea. byron bay, australia. austin. atlanta. syracuse. denmark. sheffield. this list is endless man. there are so many places that i see that make me feel so crazy i dont ever want to stop looking at them. i just wish all my friends everywhere could be with me all the time. touring is awesome. i wouldnt really say its my life though. i dont really like “band” dudes and i cant really take a band seriously that tours just to tour. neither of those are things i want to be. tui is great though because we all have already agreed we only want to do stuff we think is worth our time and we dont really want to get into the habbit of doing dumb shit just to please someone or just to do it. but dont get me wrong. i love touring. its definitely opened my eyes wider than most of the people i know. some of the craziest stuff that will ever happen to me has happened in other places on tour. ive seen some wild stuff and im really lucky. but. ive seen oklahoma enough times and the older i get there are some other things i would like to do too. touring has been great though.


When does it suck? Is there anywhere you don’t want to be ever again?
changing tires in a snow storm. having all your shit stolen. three thousand dollars in gear goes missing. getting charged two thousand dollars for flying two duffle bags full of merch. not sleeping ever. you learn something new when you dont have a dollar to your name and youre thousands of miles away from home.

Our lifestyles are totally consuming, it feels time disappears so fast when your living your life by dates on a calendar. A year can simply be two local tours and a trip to Europe or Asia. I personally find it hard to fit other goals I have into my lifestyle, sometimes feeling like I’m wasting time. Is this something you experience?
everyday man. time just goes right out the window. ill come home and i will have missed entire seasons. its depressing sometimes. all my friends at home have awesome jobs. friends are real estate agents and starting businesses, doing grad school, getting married, and starting families. im happy for them. but when everyone is doing well like that it can start to make you question what you are doing when you come home broke and cant really live the same lifestyle they do when you are home. its hard but its a total trade off though. ive got friends like that emailing me and texting me telling me they wish they could be with me and just hanging out. i wish they were to. you cant really do stuff like that when you have something big going on like that at home. i love them for it. im proud of all my friends doing things that make them happy. i guess its just a matter of what you want and recognizing the small things that make it worth it.

What are your desires outside of the band? Careers? Travel? Lifestyle?

i think my number one is music. i love that more than anything. i love movies almost as much as music. i love the ocean and just being outside. im lovesick over monkeys. thats a real life obsession. i dont really know as far as careers go. i love pictures. i like helping people. i love food. animals. in the last year i got into lifting weights. id like to end up doing something that makes me happy like anybody else. traveling goes without saying. there are always going to be places i have never been that i need to go. i like tropical islands. latin america. im always going to be pretty laid back. i only want what makes me happy.

One of photos I’ve got up is of you with a broke ass bloody nose. What happened?

i was at a show at home in richmond and i was moshing for a friends band. ive never seen a break that bad before. im lucky it went back. i guess i could have gone to the hospital but fuck it. i hate looking at in the mirror from certain angles because its still so crooked. moshing is so dumb i guess thats what i get.


Why were you nearly deported from Australia?
david, you, and i, got pretty carried away one night in sydney (i think). acting real dumb. real dumb.  jay rollins, billabong gardens, graham and resist. here is your formal apology. sorry for being a headache.

Who’s car did you smash in Europe?

we were doing some sight seeing in germany. i dont remember the city but it was a spot that hitler had deemed the center of the world or something. it was cool. to make a long story short and leave out some incriminating details there were some serious nazi dudes hanging in the parking lot. they left their car for a minute and people went to work on that thing. everyone had a job. tire stabber. window breaker. light kicker. we had a basball bat man. rock throwers. like twenty seconds and that shit was DONE. all in the middle of the day. took that license plate too.

What is ‘slashing’?
im not sure what you mean. i heard chinese democracy sucked without him. (fake ass answer)

How hard do you find it adjusting to ‘real life’ when your not on tour?
not really at all. its hard sometimes to do small things sometimes. like running errands and stuff. you can always put that garbage off one day and i know thats something i learned from being on tour.

I know your single and a total romantic… why is it so hard to find love whilst touring in a band?

i like that you recognize my romantic side. im a pretty emotional guy. females just arent ready for me i guess. that or its probably too frustrating to put up with a loser in a band. email me maybe we can talk trading citizenships. ha.

What do you expect the future holds for you both personally and musically?

i have no idea man. i like doing what im doing now for the most part but i know its not something that i want to be doing for the rest of my life. i think about it everyday. just like everyone else probably does. the next chance i get i want to go to school either part or full time for a while and see how i like it. i want a dog. i need some normal shit going on for once. catch my breath. i love music though. its a gift and everyday i get to do something with it i consider myself lucky. its not something i really set goals for. im just taking everything in my life as it comes.

Love! Any shouts?
guerilla richmond, d breeze, deeb slice, patrick kitzel, the best label in hardcore, reaper records, chucky edge (hell make it one day, australia), fifty lizards, elmsey cause hes cool. and you. thanks buddy. love you. stay safe.

Rise And Fall / Carpathian.

We are playing our last 2 shows for a long time with Rise and Fall in Melbourne.
Get your tickets now before they sell out.