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Glory days.

On the eve of announcing the band’s indefinite hiatus friend Matt Kovac’s emailed me these photos he discovered when developing and scanning old rolls of film.
Cool to see classic proof of us really having a rad time on tour.
These photos are from the May 2009 on the road with Have Heart which actually ended on a wild high/low in the streets of Sydney…
Shouts to Yusuke, K-Mac, Barbs and Kovacs for rolling with us.


KeepinĀ faith!

What’s been up.

Super busy and the blog has been suffering.
Some photos of the last month.
Working full time, Playing Halo, Redsox, Building a bike for a friend, working on the band, new music etc.
Upcoming… New record, Australia, South East Asia and Europe tour.
Finishing the studio. Japan in December.

Tired of being tired.

Wish I was at these shows.

Destined For Failure

Barbs has been on tour with us for the last few weeks around the country.
Here’s what his Iphone has to say.



Ak La Vee.


JD Burn.

JD Gig.

JD Sleep.

Get in Skan.

Now we are fucked.

Skan Gig.

Skan Sleep.

Fuck it they’re free.


Mr Worthington.



Down For Aotearoa.

Back this morning from a week in New Zealand with Shipwreck.
It was wild to say the least. Thanks to anyone involved.
Hanging out with Blackout reminded me how much I miss him and how much
we laugh our fucking guts up a thousand times each day when things are real.
I need to get back to Sun Heights in 09.

Right now im sitting in the Princess Theatre Brisbane.
Tonight we record for the Carp/Wreck split I plan on releasing soon.
The rest of the tour no doubt is going to be incredible.
12 friends. 12 seats. 18 shows.

Land of the Long White Cloud.

Auckland Luge.

Luge Champion.

Cow Tongue.

Fish House.

Rotorua Hot Springs.

Anchor Promotions.

Cookie Time.

Sacred Tattoo.


Midnight Express Berry/Banana pancakes.

Im So Lucky.

Captain Queer.

The Queerest Climber.

‘when bubble pop electric comes on, mosh shipwrecks heads off’

Past tired and sleep eludes me.


Hey John. Hey Martin.