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Glory days.

On the eve of announcing the band’s indefinite hiatus friend Matt Kovac’s emailed me these photos he discovered when developing and scanning old rolls of film.
Cool to see classic proof of us really having a rad time on tour.
These photos are from the May 2009 on the road with Have Heart which actually ended on a wild high/low in the streets of Sydney…
Shouts to Yusuke, K-Mac, Barbs and Kovacs for rolling with us.




On the road.

First ever update from iPhone. Against my conscience.

Blacked out.

Blackout, after having his karate friend kick his foot in half, had some down
time during the month and snapped some roids of studio process…
Hit him up for design work!

Wouldn’t read about it.

About two weeks before Jay Maas and the first band would arrive to record in the studio I realised there was probably about four weeks work before it was actually a studio.
Half of my mates realised I was indeed totally fucked and put in some serious hours after working their regular jobs and we actually got it finished…
Thank you friends and butterdick’s, without you I was cooked!

Keepin faith!

Keepin busy!

Building that studio… inventing acoustic solutions.

Part time builder, part time sparky, full time shoist.

Bags of this shit.

Getting fresh!


Got a new housemate!

Kitchen Studio

Made extra.

Dragging my coffin around.

Letters from past and future lovers because…

…nothing ever goes to plan!