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Glory days.

On the eve of announcing the band’s indefinite hiatus friend Matt Kovac’s emailed me these photos he discovered when developing and scanning old rolls of film.
Cool to see classic proof of us really having a rad time on tour.
These photos are from the May 2009 on the road with Have Heart which actually ended on a wild high/low in the streets of Sydney…
Shouts to Yusuke, K-Mac, Barbs and Kovacs for rolling with us.




On the road.

First ever update from iPhone. Against my conscience.


KeepinĀ faith!

Wanderlust on Film

Six rolls of film from our recent Wanderlust tour in Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Western and Eastern Europe.
Definitely more focused on taking film shots on this trip and I think most of the photos really captured the environment and mood better than what my digital camera would, for example you can really tell the days where it was super hot or where we were totally relaxed and chilling out hard and something about it being on film gives it that feel to me.
Or maybe that is just because I was actually there?
Leave some comments offering criticism / advice.
I’ve noticed a few of my photos on other peoples blogs or sites.
Let me know if you use them so I can see what your about out of interest!


Some polaroid’s from the South East Asia and European dates
of the Wanderlust tour.
I have 6 rolls of film waiting to be developed before I scan them in next week.
Stay tuned.