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Glory days.

On the eve of announcing the band’s indefinite hiatus friend Matt Kovac’s emailed me these photos he discovered when developing and scanning old rolls of film.
Cool to see classic proof of us really having a rad time on tour.
These photos are from the May 2009 on the road with Have Heart which actually ended on a wild high/low in the streets of Sydney…
Shouts to Yusuke, K-Mac, Barbs and Kovacs for rolling with us.



Picked up some 35mm cameras off eBay and put some film through them over the past few weeks. The shots are from the No Sleep Til tour and Christmas with family and friends. I will be taking 4 cameras to Europe in February and spending some extra time travelling after the tour with Defeater so expect some big updates on the blog and hopefully a little more consistency through 2011.

Matt Skiba, Alkaline Trio in Melbourne.

Orange’s and Setlist.

Billy and the Gimme Gimme’s.

The Doctor and friend.

Me First And The Gimme Gimme’s.

The Formans.

Marcelle Kirby.

Beautiful Devils.

Harry Off The Wall.

Altona with me mates.

Altona with me other mates.

On The Road.


Some of Japan’s coolest made it to Melbourne for the Summer and we had a blast!
Finally got the film back and scanned in.
STD / Yoshie

What’s been up.

Super busy and the blog has been suffering.
Some photos of the last month.
Working full time, Playing Halo, Redsox, Building a bike for a friend, working on the band, new music etc.
Upcoming… New record, Australia, South East Asia and Europe tour.
Finishing the studio. Japan in December.

Summer in digital.

Some more shots from this Summer on the digi.
Highlights include Yoshie visiting from Tokyo for the weekend.
24 candles on the cake and pancakes on Valentines Day.
Thoughtful gifts.
Beautiful Mornington.
Mail from Japan from my boy Kengo.
And the Melbourne Zoo.

Summer in 120.

It’s easy to not care about the bullshit in real life when I’m practically on eternal vacation with friends.
Trivial shit like the future, romance, rent, debt, the law and obesity can wait.
Im just chillin!


My first attempt at real Japanese cooking.
Soba and Vegetable Tempura.
Inspired by the Shomben Yokocho (Piss Alley) restaurants of Shinjuku.
Also sometime last week I got tattooed…
Angel, Angel, Down we go together.